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Solo Exhibition

2023 '보이지 않는 선The invisible lines, UARTSPACE, Seoul

2021 '중첩Superposition', Helen J gallery, Los angeles

2020 ‘공동운명COMMON FATE”, none_seoul, Seoul

2019 'Signal form nature',  House musee, Seoul

2018 'Natural, all too natural', Hoard gallery, Seoul 


Group Exhibition

2024 '자연회귀적 열망' Sun gallery, Seoul 

2023 'The sun stands still', Francis gallery, Los angeles

2022 '숨결', Laheen gallery, Seoul

2021 '중첩Superposition', Object hood gallery, Busan

2020 '새로이', Seongnam Art Center, Seongnam

2020 'narrative+structure', mass gallery, Seoul

2020 ‘Vertical time’ Artist Collaboration, none seoul, Seoul

2020 ‘Temperature of traces’,  Total marble, Seoul


Project Exhibition

2023 'Shop gove', Seoul

2021 'ART SHINSEGAE', Busan 

2021 'Creators showroom, Seoul

2019 'La prairie' 19s/s 

2018 'Grab' 2018 s/s collection, Seoul

2018 'Booth gallery' with 'the first penguin', Seoul 


2024 화랑예술제, Seoul

2023 KIAF, Seoul

2023 Art busan, Busan

2022 Affordable art, Singapore

2022 Art busan, Busan

2022 Blacklot by seoul auction, Seoul

2021 Untitled Art fair, Miami

2021 LA art show, Los angeles

2021 The preview art Fair, Seoul

2019 Art busan, Busan 


2022 Epoque hannam, Dec

2022 오설록, May

2021 EQL found talk, Dec

2021 Naver design, Jul

2020 SI.village, Aug

2020 Dazed art, May 

2020 Esquire & Time homme, Apr

2019 Concpetzine, Oct

2019 Indiepost magazine, Jan

2018 Urban like magazine, 2nd

2018 Toms Korea, Mar

2018 Singles magazine, Jan

2017 국립 아시아 문화 전당(ACC)

2017 Maps magazine, Feb 

2017 Arena homme plus korea,  Mar

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